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Steampunk Festival Waist Satchel Faux Leather Brown Waist Pack Belt w/ Pockets - Victorian Foundry

Steampunk Festival Waist Satchel Faux Leather Brown Waist Pack Belt w/ Pockets

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This beautiful waist satchel features 4 closeable pockets and would make a beautiful addition to a wide variety of steampunk outfits, as well as festival/wasteland outfits as well! It is an extremely high quality faux leather.. 100% polyester.. but I showed it to 3 random friends of mine to touch and they all were sure it was real leather (when I got the material I was pretty sure it was real leather; the material is unbelievably soft and real-leather feeling!) The belt is double sided with this material, so both sides of the satchel have the "good side" of this material facing out. 
There are 2 tones of this material, alternated on the pockets and features of the belt. All stitching is very sturdy and studs are secured; this belt will hold up!! 3 pockets close with a swing clasp and one closes with 2 snaps. Pocket dimensions are as follows:
pocket 1: 18cm x 13cm or 7in x 5in
pocket 2 & 3: 13cm x 8cm or 5in x 3.3in
pocket 4: 9cm x 13cm or 3.5cm x 5.2in (the one with the snaps)
The belt is available in 2 sizes; select which one is best for you at checkout. For best results, ideally the belt should fasten near the middle, as shown in the picture, or near the end. If you need to fasten the belt at one of the smallest holes, I would recommend going to the smaller size (if you haven't already). Due to the placement of the pockets, fastening the belt too tight may cause the end of the belt to stick out. This can also be remedied by tucking it into the pocket though. 
Sizing is as follows:
Measure where you want the satchel to sit on you (waist or hips)
REMEMBER TO MAKE ALLOWANCES FOR THE CLOTHING YOU WILL WEAR UNDER THE SATCHEL. unless you plan to wear your birthday suit and just this satchel. more power to you, I don't judge. 
Size small should fit measurements: 86cm - 102cm or 32in - 38in
Size large should fit measurements: 96 cm - 112 cm or 36in - 42in
There is some overlap in sizing, again, I recommend planning to fasten the belt using the end loops, just to prevent too much belt overhang, since there's not a convenient place to readily tuck it away. 
Any questions? Feel free to ask! Need more pictures? Etsy has a limit, but I'm happy to send more! I tried to cram as many as I could into a collage up there, but I am happy to take a whole bunch more if you'd like! Please read over our store policies prior to purchasing so you understand our returns policies, etc. This listing is for the belt, as described, and not other items seen in the background of the picture. Shipping is priority with tracking and insurance.