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Simple White Quality Steampunk Childrens Chemise - Victorian Foundry

Simple White Quality Steampunk Childrens Chemise

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It is a phenomenal quality chemise for the young ladies and is produced using 100% cotton. It has brilliant trim along the sleeves. The young ladies likewise have the choice to wear on or off shoulders as a result of the versatile around the neck. The chemise is accessible in white shading, and it gives superb style to the young ladies.

Small Medium Large X-Large
Age 4-6 yrs 7-8 yrs 9-10 yrs 11-12 yrs
Height 46" 50" 55" 60"
Sleeve Length 16" 17" 19" 21"
All Round Chest 23" 24" 26" 30"
All Round Waist 20" 22" 23" 24"
All Round Hip 25" 27" 29" 32"