Green Steampunk Side Satchel _

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This listing is for a steampunk inspired hip pack! The belt and bag are constructed from very sturdy, army green canvas. Fully machine washable in cold water. This piece consists of 2 belts, which are securely riveted together in the back, but can be adjusted to be worn in different positions across your hips. The bag is removable and can be placed anywhere on either belt for comfort and convenience. Several gear embellishments are sewed on securely, and the back of the belt features 7 bandoleer style loops, 3 of which will come with a faux bullet casing in them (they are easily removed if you wish) Place whatever you'd like in the extras! Bandoleer area is reinforced with sturdy black canvas.

The dimensions of the bag are 7 in tall x 6 in wide by 1 in deep. Since it is canvas, it is sturdy with no stretch. Bag closes with a secure snap and has an extra D-ring for your keys.

The belt length is adjustable with large metal buckles and reinforced belt loops. The lower belt is slightly longer to accommodate the fact that it will sit lower on your hips. Circumference on the tightest belt loop is about 30" and on the loosest belt loop is 36" (top belt). Measure yourself where you'd like to have it sit.