Steampunk Clothing

Steampunk Clothing at Victorianfoundry.comConceived by the great literary mind of Victorian period writers (i.e. Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, etc.), steampunk is a fusion of Victorian styling with futuristic flair. Here at Victorian Foundry, we are honored to provide a wide selection of mens steampunk clothing and womens steampunk dress, as well! Our collection includes essential steampunk costume pieces such as steampunk pants, steampunk dresses, steampunk vests, steampunk tights, steampunk corsets, steampunk leggings, steampunk skirts, steampunk blouses, and of course we also have a myriad of steampunk outerwear such as steampunk overcoats and steampunk umbrellas. Our Neo-Victorian steampunk fashion can also be combine with out post-apocalyptic fashion, dieselpunk clothing, and cyberpunk attire to create fantastic steampunk outfits. Add the finishing touch to your steampunk cosplay by partaking of our steampunk accessories like gear belts, mechanical arm bands, steampunk top hats, feathered fascinator hats and of course steampunk goggles. For ladies convenience, we have complete steampunk ensembles that come with an entire outfit. Whether you are brand new to the fascinating world of steampunk or you are a veteran airship pilot, you can always find something authentic to stupendous to wear at Victorian Foundry.



Steampunk Gear, Bottles, and Findings

Our selection of gears, sprockets, bottles, and other steampunk findings will help you embellish your steampunk cosplay or period piece. We have a large selection of steampunk bottles, apothecary bottles, alchemy bottles, steampunk gears, steampunk sprockets, and steampunk keys. Find the perfect addition to your steampunk outfit!

Men's Steampunk Accessories

No greater selection of steampunk accessories has ever been assembled. Look through our many options from steampunk wallets to Neo-Victorian bags. We also carry a assortment of period sleeve garters, aviator caps, top hats, steampunk belts, steampunk arm bands, and steampunk masks. You will find the Neo-Victorian mens fashion accessories that will compliment your steampunk cosplay ensemble as well as pieces great for post-apocalyptic apparel or period Victorian attire.

Women's Steampunk Accessories

Our selection of womens steampunk accessories will grant you the freedom to embellish any of your Neo-Victorian apparel. Find within steampunk belts, feathered steampunk fascinator hats, lace opera gloves, leather arm bands, steampunk choker collars and even more. If you are looking for something functional for your next Victorian outfit, include a steampunk belt pouch for pockets! You can also warm up with our steampunk leg warmers and steampunk arm warmers in many steampunk styles.

Women's Steampunk Skirts and Bustles

Unique and elegant womens steampunk skirts and steampunk bustles is what fine steampunk folk have come to expect from our distinctive styles that come with either vintage or modern flair. Our selection of Neo-Victorian skirts is fully equipped with fishtail skirts, gathered skirts, steampunk mini skirts, full-length skirts, steampunk A-line skirts, and tiered ruffle skirts. Connoisseurs of steampunk will not be disappointed with our Neo-Victorian bustles, steampunk overskirts, period skirts, steampunk dresses, or steampunk cosplay dresses.

Men's Steampunk Shirts

Our collection of mens steampunk fashion includes a astonishing assortment of modern steampunk t-shirts, mens Victorian shirts, as well as steampunk gentlemens dress shirts. Any Steampunk cosplayer, baron, or airship pilot who enjoys Neo-Victorian couture will appreciate our assortment of long-sleeved period shirts with alternative history ensembles. For hotter adventures, sleeveless steampunk shirts will do the trick and can also help establish finish out your ensemble in a cyberpunk style or industrial fashion.

Men's Steampunk Vests

Steampunk vests and Neo-Victorian waistcoats can add a touch of elegance to your steampunk cosplay ensembles. A proper steampunk gentleman attire will most certainly contain one of our brocade vests while those looking for alternative history clothing might be tempted by our leather vests and striped waistcoats. Those looking for a formal steampunk will find our variety of V-neck vests, mens steel-bone shaper vests, double-breasted vests, and period Cavalier vests to do the trick.

Women's Steampunk Shirts and Tops

Our womens steampunk shirts and period blouses are offered in everything from Neo-Victorian styles to sci-fi post-apocalyptic attire. Any steampunk or alternative steampunk fashion lover will find something of interest. From out womens steampunk t-shirts, diesel punk crop tops, and long sleeve Neo-Victorian blouses to steampunk tank tops and more. Alternative history blouses can give your steampunk ensemble a unique look as well as be paired with other pieces of steampunk apparel we offer.

Men's Steampunk Pants

A steampunk gentleman will find that our fine mens steampunk trousers selection has a pair that will work great with their next steampunk cosplay. Mens alternative history looks can be crafted with our steampunk gentlemens pants and Neo-Victorian breeches. We also carry a large array of striped steampunk pants, period jodhpurs, and mens vintage knickers that would look great at steampunk conventions and fairs.

Women's Steampunk Pants, Leggings and Tights

The steampunk legwear provided by us will help you fill out any Neo-Victorian wardrobe, especially with out womens steampunk legwear. Our womens steampunk pants includes styles like period breeches, post-spocalyptic trousers, Victorian tights, steampunk leggings, steampunk shorts, leather pants, steampunk crop pants, womens leggings, and womens tights. Our selection of womens steampunk trousers, Victorian leggings, and steampunk tights is always being expanded to include extraordinary new styles. Check back often!

Women's Steampunk Overbust Corsets

The amount of versatility that can be found with a womens steampunk overbust corset is a necessity for any steampunk lass. Our extraordinary collection includes designs such as halter corsets, leather corsets, embroidered corsets, belted corsets, gear print corsets, sweet heat corsets, rose print corsets, waist training corsets, buckles corsets, brocade corsets, and much more. You will most surely find a Neo-Victorian overbust corset that will suit any steampunk cosplay or endeavor.

Women's Steampunk Underbust Corsets

It is well documented that an underbust corset is an elegant and well established steampunk look. Whether paired with an elegant dress or top, or wearing it casually out on the town, the womens steampunk underbust corset is a perfect addition to most ladies steampunk outfits. Take the time to enjoy our selection of steel-boned corsets in styles such as satin underbust corsets, brocade underbust corsets, leather under bust corsets, and many more selections. Any of our Neo-Victorian corsets would complement post-apocalyptic or period attire ensembles.

Women's Steampunk Dresses

From Neo-Victorian gowns to womens steampunk dresses, we carry a large variety of steampunk clothing for any steampunk enthusiast. Ladies will find dresses of many different designs and functionality. From our post-apocalyptic dresses that could aid in protecting against the wasteland to our dresses with a science fiction look. To help complete any proper Victorian lady ensemble, it is imperative to try a full-length period gown. Ladies may also find our ruffled steampunk dresses perfect for formal wear, while our corset dresses and sleeveless steampunk sundresses offer the comfort and temperature control needed in summer.

Complete Steampunk Ensembles for Women

With a vast collection of complete steampunk ensembles for women, steampunk enthusiasts will find several options for Neo-Victorian outfits. Take in our selection of modern dieselpunk skirt ensembles to full-length Victorian gowns. We are the perfect place to pick up the rest of your steampunk cosplay and create an alternative history outfit.

Women's Steampunk Harnesses and Vests

An excellent embellishment for ladies steampunk apparel, period vests and womens steampunk harnesses help finish most steampunk outfits. Our underbust harnesses and ladies vests accent perfectly a plethora of beautiful steampunk pilot attire to airship mistress ensembles.

Men's Steampunk Coats

Only the finest of steampunk cosplay are endowed with a mens steampunk coat. Our designs range from authentic Victorian styles such as our Edwardian tailcoats, opera coats, frock coats, and Inverness coats. Become the baron of airship pilot you have always dreamed off with our steampunk guard coat. Alternatively, steal, plunder, and pillage as a airship pirate with our steampunk pirate coat. Our steampunk outerwear selection will suit any type of steampunk enthusiast.

Women's Steampunk Jackets and Capelets

Steampunk fashion is a thing of beauty when combined with a Neo-Victorian coat or womens steampunk jackets. The versatility of this all season womens steampunk outerwear should not be under estimated. Partake of our steampunk crop jackets, formal steampunk blazers, leather steampunk jackets, lacy period shoulder capes, and womens Neo-Victorian frock coats. You will not find finer Victorian jackets, post-apocalyptic fashion, or womens steampunk couture.

Steampunk Cravats and Scarves

Steampunk enthusiast will be able to find a selection of ruffled jabot, steampunk neckwear, aviator scarves and formal cravats in our steampunk store. We also have steampunk cravats, lace collars, and period scarves with different embellishments from steampunk fabric patterns to metal gears. Some may also find our Victorian neckties to their fancy.