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Steampunk Gears Of Industry Steel Boned Underbust Corset - Victorian Foundry

Steampunk Gears Of Industry Steel Boned Underbust Corset

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Gears of Industry underbust corset. It is extremely comfortable and supportive, sturdy and reinforced. It can be laced up quite tight, and remain comfortable. The material is very sturdy with very little give. Included with the corset is two excessively long laces; use just one and lace from top to bottom or vice versa.. or use both and lace inward or outward with them. The laces match the material perfectly.

The pattern used for the corset was a large. The spacer in the back is 5 inches, allowing an extra 5 inch gap where the laces are so that your undershirt (or skin) won't be exposed. The measurements provided below are a range: the smallest number is with the corset laced so that the back sides are nearly touching, with a very small gap. The largest number is as wide as the corset can we worn, with the spacer in place properly, without a gap. Note: it may be possible to lace it tighter or wear it looser. If you would like this corset in a different size, contact the shop! I love custom work!

True Waist: 28 inches - 33 inches
Top of Corset: 30 inches - 35 inches
Bottom of Corset: 34 inches - 39 inches
Height (front at buckles): 11 inches

Again, it may be possible that this may fit someone outside of these measurements, but I am also happy to make one to fit your size, if possible. Materials may be limited and not always available. Different styles may also be an option.