Charming Lace Trimmed Pinstriped Black Women's Overbust Steampunk Corset with Straps

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Our Charming Lace Trimmed Women's overbust Steampunk corset is one of our latest launch sexy corsets! Features removable straps, lace trim, and sturdy and stylish material that is comfortable to wear. This corset is incredibly supportive and ideal for slimming in your waist. It looks great as lingerie, or can be comfortably worn over a dress or blouse for a sophisticated steampunk look!


1. Striped design helps slim and elongate the waist.

2. Zipper closure with the addition of adjustable front belts.

3. Two small, black bows to finish of the charming look of this corset.

4. Lace trim adds a flirty, charming touch to this beautiful corset.