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Giant Interlocking Turnable Steampunk Gears! Steam Punk Wall Escape Room Large Huge Gear Turning - Victorian Foundry

Giant Interlocking Turnable Steampunk Gears! Steam Punk Wall Escape Room Large Huge Gear Turning

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A set of fully interlocking and interchangeable gears! Every gear ordered from this set can be placed in any arrangement or pattern and all turn together! Designed and printed by members of Victorian Foundry.. you won't find these anywhere else! The chart in the pictures above will allow you to identify which gears you'd like for your project. Any gear style can be made in any color, so just specify colors at checkout if you have a preference. If no colors are specified, a variety of metal tones will be sent. 

Each gear will be sent with a steel bearing securely fastened to the center hole, to ensure that it will be easy for you to mount on any surface. A Demo is below as a gif.

The gears on the chart are identified by a number, followed by their diameter. We cannot resize these gears, or they will no longer interlock. If you need a different style or different size, contact the shop and we can make something custom just for you! 

Gear options (see picture above for reference):
Gear 1 - 6 inch diameter
Gear 2 - 6 inch diameter
Gear 3 - 6 inch diameter
Gear 4 - 6 inch diameter
Gear 5 - 6 inch diameter
Gear 6 - 6 inch diameter
Gear 7 - 6 inch diameter

Gear 1 - 7 inch diamter
Gear 2 - 7 inch diameter
Gear 3 - 7 inch diameter
Gear 4 - 7 inch diameter
Gear 5 - 7 inch diameter
Gear 6 - 7 inch diameter

Gear 1 - 8 inch diameter
Gear 2 - 8 inch diameter
Gear 3 - 8 inch diameter
Gear 4 - 8 inch diameter
Gear 5 - 8 inch diameter
Crank - 8 inch diameter

Price for each varies due to size. We recommend the crank just because it makes it easy, but it is not necessary. Once gears are mounted, you can turn any of them and the rest will turn with it.

For non-interlocking gears, for tiny to huge, see our other listings! Shipping is determined by destination zip code. Feel free to contact us with any questions or custom work! Thanks for visiting Victorian Foundry!