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MASSIVE Large Steampunk Gears. Steam Punk Huge Gears Hand Painted Giant Gears Big Cogs - Victorian Foundry

MASSIVE Large Steampunk Gears. Steam Punk Huge Gears Hand Painted Giant Gears Big Cogs

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At long last, we have HUGE STEAMPUNK GEARS per your request. We have designed 13 different styles currently, and can print each one up to 8" across! One picture above shows all our styles we currently have modeled. You may reference them by the number under them in your order. Need a different design or variation on a style? Just ask message the shop and we'll set up a custom listing!

Each gear we make for you will be individually made, so let us know if you have a style or color preference. If you don't specify a preference at checkout, we'll send you a random assortment.

Each gear in your order will be sized, printed, sanded, primed, painted, and sealed. They are printed in PLA plastic, and are extremely rigid and will not bend or break without intentional effort to do so. At the size of 3", the printer takes about 45 mins to print each gear, so larger orders will need more time to complete and have a longer handling time. In addition to a paint job in any color you'd like, I can also distress them if you're in need of an aged look for your gears.

The prices shown are for a single gear within each size range. If a large order is needed, we are more than happy to offer a discount on bulk orders. Select the quantity of gears you need, the size range you're interested in, and we'll start on your order right away! As always, we love to see your projects and feature them on our website! Need any other parts custom made or 3D printed for a project, just ask! We love custom work!

Sizing has a variance of +-0.25".

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