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The Best Steampunk Clocks on Amazon

Amazon is great! I love being able to buy cheap stuff and have it delivered to my door within 48 hours. Not all great steampunk fashion accessories have to be true vintage.. "new old" stuff can be just as good! Amazon is a trusty web marketplace with a lot to offer. Here's some of my favorite steampunk watches, pocket watches, and timepieces that can be yours in 2 days from Amazon.   

Steampunk pocket watch Victorian foundry VIctorianfoundry.com

This pocket watch is awesome! I love that you can see all the gears and metal workings on the inside. It's unisex and would work with just about any Victorian or steampunk outfit. As far as great steampunk accessories go, it's pretty cheap! Buy it here:

If you want a wristwatch, this is probably my favorite one out there:

Steampunk pocket watch Victorian foundry VIctorianfoundry.com

The aesthetics of this are amazing. I love the distressed brass and bolted look. The gual clocks look like gauges, which is probably why they call this one a "time traveler's watch". I love it! You can buy it here:

If you like the look of a leather band and less bulky wristwatch, here's another great one:

Steampunk pocket watch Victorian foundry VIctorianfoundry.com

Again, I love that you can see the metal gears on the inside. This one is a little more subtle (and a lot cheaper) than the time traveler's watch. You can purchase this one here:

Want to go true old school with your Victorian look? How about a sundial? 

Steampunk pocket watch Victorian foundry VIctorianfoundry.com

It's a full functional, waterproof sundial and compass. This would even make a great decor piece for your house, in addition to a striking portable timepiece. You can buy it here:

Speaking of decorative timepieces for your house, you can't go wrong with a vintage-looking brass hour glass! Put your kids on "time-out" in style! Nah, just saying, this is a sweet piece for a bookshelf, or a multi-use paperweight for a desk, or just an accent piece to any nautical-themed room. It can be purchased here:

Here's an eye-catching piece of functional art for your wall. This is a decently big piece, but still has free shipping. Again, gotta love Amazon! This would really tie a steampunk room together! Buy it here:

Another great clock centerpiece is this guy. This guy is only about 6" tall, but it looks like a little boiler! The attention to detail on this piece is incredible. It's also a trinket box, so there's a hidden compartment on it. This is perhaps my favorite so far. You can get it here:

Thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, and antique shops can be great places to find true vintage, steampunk gear. But don't forget that places like Amazon can have great "new old" stuff that looks just as good, potentially functions better, and is definitely cheaper than true antiques. Don't have Amazon Prime? You can still get cheap stuff shipped to you fast. Get a free 30 day trial of Prime here: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

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