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Steampunk Summer Fashion Trends

It's barely spring, but the hot months are just around the corner. Prepare to beat the heat and stay in style with some steampunk summer fashion essentials!

Beat the UV rays with a parasol! Rather than slathering yourself with sticky lotion, a UV umbrella can protect you from the harmful rays and overbearing heat. Not all umbrellas are parasols! Make sure the material is UV resistant. 

Steampunk sun umbrella parasol costume victorian foundry

This parasol can be purchased here Full skirts can be hot and bulky. Opt for something shorter to beat the heat.

Steampunk miniskirt victorian foundry

Short sleeves, short jackets, short skirts.. keep yourself cool out there! 

Steampunk bikini

Don't forget the potential for steampunk swimwear!

Steampunk Gear Tights Victorianfoundry.com Victorian foundry

Tights look great under shorts and skirts, and add a great vintage feel to your outfit.

Steampunk Balloon hot air tights Victorian foundry Victorianfoundry.com

These gear tights are available for purchase here. Don't forget jewelry and accessories!

Steampunk jewelery necklace

Prepare for summer and start checking out new steampunk summer trends now!

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