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Hollywood and big gaming seems to have finally taken note of steampunk

I don't know about you guys, but it looks like to us that Steampunk is starting to get noticed. Recently, Peter Jackson (That guy that did lord of the rings) has come out to tease his new movie "Mortal Engines." This is based off a steampunk-esqu graphic novel and I believe someone said something about this being a series of movies. Knowing Peter, we can probably expect three installments to the series and to us that is exciting.

Mortal Enginer Steampunk Move Peter jackson

Remember when Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings came out? 

Everyone was interested and lots more people became interested in the space. This means we could be seeing a lot more participation in the steampunk community coming our way. This will also mean that there will be a large influx of new steampunk people trying to learn the ropes. I can only imagine how many of those cheap, plastic amazon steampunk goggles will sell. It also means that we will need to show them the ropes and help them become respectable steampunk members.

A: IR Steampunk MMORPG

The Gaming Industry is also Interested in Steampunk

A new MMORPG has been being shown called Ascent: Infinite Realm or A:IR, get it? Either way, this a whole steampunk world, equipped with airships and the color brown! I am sure that the gaming community is the closest to us in terms of interest, so I can only see having more gamer steampunks as another great step forward for our community. We should all try and help guide this new generation of steampunk enthusiasts in the right direction. Also, don't be afraid to tell them to come and visit us here at our Steampunk shop


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