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Easy Steampunk Fashion: Small touches for a Steampunk-esque Outfit

Steampunk fashion does not have to exclusively mean a full outfit of leather, buckles, cogs, and brass.

One does not simply become steampunk by wearing brown

We have been called the brown goths for far to long and I think we are quite different! So, today we are going to give some example of ways to add some steampunk flair to an outfit. Our probe into the steampunk fashion scene is to acquire easy additions that will let you express your steampunk with little effort! So let us begin!

Steampunk Tights and Leggings

Our first choice, because come on... we are Victorian Foundry.....is Steampunk tights and Steampunk leggings! These are excellent additions to most female outfits to give a little essence of steampunk.

This can be worn under a normal skirt, dress, shorts, etc. We have 4 different kinds currently on Amazon and in our own Steampunk Shop we have more! 

Steampunk Hat

Really one of the best purchased you can make. A steampunk hat or top hat are excellent choices for the addition to an outfit. Steampunk hats are a bit easier to come by and they are especially easy to make for ones self. Simply grab a deliciously steampunk-esque hat you currently have and simply sew some gears on it.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself without access to a steampunky hat, have no fear! We Have you covered! Click on the steampunk hat above to be brought to our hat section of the steampunk shop. We have quite a few available by us, as well as we have tutorial on how to make your own!

Steampunk Apothecary or Alchemy

A popular addition to create a steampunk feel to an outfit is apothecary bottles. There are so many different ways to use an steampunk alchemy bottle in the creation of a steampunk outfit.

One of our favorites here at Victorian Foundry, is the addition of a ammo belt steampunk apothecary bottle holder. We have a tutorial on how to make your own ammo belt steampunk apothecary bottle holder as well if you are more of a DIY steampunk.

Steampunk is creativity

I find that a lot of people I talk to think that steampunk is a rigid fashion system that only accepts brown. I would like to say on behalf of all of us steampunks, that we do not hate color or worship brown. 

Additionally, we are not stuck with only leather, corsets, bottles, and gears. These are things that are interesting, but that does not mean that they are required to be steampunk. I think we forget sometimes that steampunk originated from the minds of the previous era's authors and they thought in terms of the era in which they lived in. Steampunk is a futuristic look through the lens of someone in the pre-industrial revolution era.

Think steam power, soft metals (copper and brass), and think linens or leather. These are the materials that they would have had use of at the time. Then extrapolate that to current technologies to create a steampunk version of it. This is the basis of all steampunk creation.

So, go forth and make yourself a steampunk outfit. It does not have to be all out, it can just include accents of steampunk gizmos and gadgets.

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